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Reinventing the wheel?

There is something Fred Flintstone about what I saw in Dobbies, Dunfermline, today. I’ve put it on utube, here.

Though if I remember rightly, Fred had proper wheels on his car.

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Post Early For Christmas

Last week I was going on about summer, and how it has gone. It was all tongue-in-cheek (though the courgettes disagree with me). Dobbies, our national chain of garden centres, really does believe summer has gone because it is now selling Christmas cards (buy now, only 107 days to go…). Not only that, they were clearing a space for their usual, huge display of Christmas decorations.


Then I came across something even more sad. Under a banner that said ‘ECOLIVING for a greener world‘ there were boxes with the words‘Solar illuminated blue tit, complete with solar panel. Bring life and colour into your garden with this colourful garden blue tit. A cheerful companion that… lights up at night to create a delightful display’. Solar powered. Doesn’t need batteries… god help us… and if you don’t fancy a blue tit there are solar powered robins, too. Go on, buy one, bring some colour and life into your garden. And as they don’t need batteries you are helping to save the planet.

Cynical? Moi?

Sorry there’s no photo. I had to go outside to throw up.

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