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Do you think you could make it just a teeny bit smaller, Mr Dyson?

Sorry, couldn’t resist it. Another pic from my snap-happy day last week. This was in the Royal Botanic Gardens.

I recently joined Facebook. It is one of those things I have been meaning to do for a while, but couldn’t really be bothered to do it. Soon afterwards I joined Twitter. What’s that all about, really? I read somewhere that it is something for people to do during the day when they should be working. I persevered with it for a few days before giving up. It reminded me too much of what happened when mobile phones became easily affordable, of those life or death messages that clogged the airwaves. You know the kind I mean: I’m on the bus… it’s just started to rain… there’s a fire engine outside Asda.

Facebook, however, is useful. There are people out there I know but never see. At Christmas I send cards to them. I don’t do ’round robins’, but I occasionally write a short note on the card. Chances are that our cards cross in the post, so we respond to the notes one year later. Or not. Now, through Facebook, I am in contact with people I lost touch with years ago. Also, I have swapped chat with several of those ‘Christmas Card’ friends. Thanks to Facebook, my cards will take less time to write and that can’t be bad.

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