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FOOD MILES – read this!

So, what does ‘food miles’ mean?
This is what it means: In my local supermarket I saw fruit and veg for sale –
Strawberries – Egypt
Blueberries – Chile
Raspberries – South Africa
Watercress – Portugal
Brocolli – Kenya
Peas – Guatemala

WHAT ON EARTH ARE WE DOING? Am I in a weird, alternative universe? Each single pea has travelled 5,300 miles!

Had I put this little lot into my wire basket I would have bought a small collection of fruit and veg that had travelled almost 27,000 miles –TWENTY-SEVEN THOUSAND MILES TO GET TO MY FRIDGE. That is more than the circumference of the earth.

What is more, they were flown here. Yes, I know what you are going to say, they didn’t come on their own, they flew in cargo planes along with their friends, other fruit and veg from far and wide, equally anxious to grace our tables. But so what? Just think about it… this HAS to be wrong!

Look at the labels, see where the food you eat REALLY comes from, not from your local supermarket but from thousands of miles away. Feel guilty for buying long-distance food, and if you can’t feel guilty for yourself then feel guilty for your children, or your children’s children. Because this idiocy cannot go on.

Peas that have travelled 5,300 miles? Must be a sick joke. Surely nobody, just nobody, would knowingly eat food that had travelled so far.

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