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Forth Bridge

My recent posts seem to have been very pastoral, what with pigs, dogs and ducks (I’m not sure moths count as pastoral but if they do, then moths as well. Oh… and don’t popes count as pastoral? But not popemobiles, okay, I understand…). Because of this I thought it was time to give you a bit of heavy engineering – and you don’t get engineering much heavier than this.

It’s the Forth Bridge of course, though not a view you see very often. Like never, unless you take the beaten track near Gordon Brown’s house (remember him?).

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Balamory replaces Harry Potter

I have changed my header pic. The viaduct on the route travelled by the Hogwarts Express has been superseded by the town used for the TV series Balamory. At the time of writing (as they say…) there is WordPress snow falling across my blog, which is at odds with the photo, taken on a bright, sunny summer’s day. Hang around for six months and it will look more realistic – unless I decide to change it before then, of course. I have a VERY nice photo of the Forth Bridge that I would like to use.


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