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Neon sign in Edinburgh shop window: BILE PHONES. You would think that if someone had gone to the expense of buying an illuminated sign, they would have taken care not to obscure its first few letters. The best I have ever seen was on the double wooden gates to the yard of a scrap merchant in Edinburgh. When the left hand door of the yard was open, the ‘S’ of SCRAP disappeared. The signwriting was no amateur job either, it was professionally done. I would have photographed that last week too, but I didn’t want to trek over to Fountainbridge in the rain. Also, I seem to recall that my son (who used to live nearby) telling me that it had been painted out. Shame. I thought that no publicity was bad publicity. Had it still been there I would willingly have paid a bootload of scrap motorbike parts (and thereby cleared my garage) for permission to close, and then photograph, that right-hand yard gate. Life is tough. Things like that are meant to cheer us.

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