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Balamory replaces Harry Potter

I have changed my header pic. The viaduct on the route travelled by the Hogwarts Express has been superseded by the town used for the TV series Balamory. At the time of writing (as they say…) there is WordPress snow falling across my blog, which is at odds with the photo, taken on a bright, sunny summer’s day. Hang around for six months and it will look more realistic – unless I decide to change it before then, of course. I have a VERY nice photo of the Forth Bridge that I would like to use.


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Blunted Barbers

I have been playing with different blog themes. Found a nice header photo, one I took a few years ago. It lends itself to the panoramic frame style, don’t you think? Quite a different view of the Glenfinnan Viaduct from the one you see in the Harry Potter films. No sign of the Hogwarts Express, either. The artists amongst you will notice the aesthetic style. The engineers will notice the concrete corrosion…. 

I bought a Haynes Manual today about web site building. I have used them for years when rebuilding old motorbikes. The difference with this one is that I don’t need to use spanners. Hopefully I’ll have a website up and running soon. I also went to the barbers… I needed it. For you guys in Edinburgh, try Blunted Barbers near St.Andrew Square (bluntedbarbers.com) I don’t intend turning this blog into an ad site, but want to give them a plug as it is the best place I know.

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