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Avatar. James Cameron’s.

I watched Avatar last night. About thirty minutes into it I realised I was watching cowboys and indians, except that the indians weren’t ‘redskins’ but blueskins. There was even the mandatory, heavily armed redneck. Not only did it remind me of cowboys, it had strong undertones of Dances with Wolves. The graphics were so good that I managed to overcome what to me, a geologist, would normally have been a switch-off moment. The cowboys wanted the indians’ land (surprise!) to exploit deposits of the rare mineral Unobtainium. Yes, you read it right, Unobtainium. Who on earth thought up that little beauty? Their sample of the stuff looked suspiciously like the piece of galena I brought back from Sardinia years ago (I must check my collection to make sure it is still there) – though my sample didn’t levitate like theirs. Didn’t levitate at all, actually. Deja vu here.

James Cameron must have been pretty sure of himself, putting his name up front like that. Had it been a turkey it would be rather like saying Gordon Brown’s Britain or Henry VIII’s marriage.

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