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Rain, rain, go away….

I feel like apologising to Edinburgh Fringe Festival performers and visitors for the foul weather. I have lived in and around Edinburgh since I came to live in Scotland almost 12 years ago, and never have I encountered such persistent, solid rain. It’s not usual, folks! The odd cloudburst, yes. Even rain that goes on for a whole day. But never several days of almost non-stop, heavy stuff like this. I know the west coast gets more rain than we do, but in my experience (several visits to Skye and other odd islands…and Glasgow, of course) the rain on that side of our green and pleasant land tends to be drizzle rather than the non-stop heavy stuff. Scotland’s usual weather is changeable and reminds me of what people say about Cornwall’s – if you don’t like the weather then just wait a while (I know it is warmer and sunnier there, but that’s not my point. As someone said to me recently, you don’t come on holiday to Scotland for the good weather).

The street performers in Edinburgh must be getting despondent. I’m betting there hasn’t been much of this sort of thing going on this year:

For one thing, how would they keep the torches alight?
A bit of last year’s street stuff here
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