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This time, Greylag Geese. I thought they were Canada Geese, and when I got home I had to look them up. Apparently they migrate here in winter (why should anything want to migrate HERE?). I am definitely not a ‘twitcher’ or a ‘birdie’, but I do know the difference between a robin and blackbird – and swans and geese. This was a flock of geese only a few feet from me in a cornfield. They were camera shy, because most of them flew off (there were many more than this, about one hundred – Oh for a wide-angle lens!). Note the way they are all looking towards their less-brave mates, out of the shot, circling away toward the Pentland Hills. They all came back as I was driving away. Clearly they don’t like diesels.

I have started taking a camera with me, a small one borrowed from my wife (taking it everywhere deals with that problem of having to say to myself ‘Wow! I wish I had a camera…’). I was on high ground between Penicuik and West Linton (if you don’t know where it is then Google it) in a spot where until recently there was the possibility of having a field of massive wind turbines. I see thousands of geese migrating through here every year, including the odd solo swan (where are they going, these sleek, long-necked guys, and where have they come from, they are so amazingly graceful!).

A wind farm in the valley would have chopped them to pieces.

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