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Mothers’ Meeting

I spent a couple of hours moth hunting last night. I don’t mean going through my wardrobe in case there is anything munching through my jumpers, I mean going to Whitmuir Organics at 8pm to spot moths, like some people spot trains, butterflies or birds. Only one person in the group of about thirty had the foresight to bring anti-midge cream (what on earth were the rest of thinking, forgetting such a vital piece of kit?) and, bless her, she passed it around.

The official Moth Recorder for Peebleshire (yes, really! Apparently all counties in the UK have one. There is more about Peebleshire’s here, go to page 8), gave a talk and set up traps. Not elephant traps for the unwary, but containers with fluorescent lamps attached to their tops to attract the moths.

Most moths seem to be brown, but there are pretty ones. Taking photos of them flying around in complete darkness is a skill I might never acquire. Someone brought along a rope soaked in wine and sugar, that moths seemed to like. I managed to get a photo, in focus, before the moth fell off. Note that it is brown.

Moths weren’t the only things attracted to the lamps. After an hour or so the few that had arrived were heavily outnumbered by midges. At the other end of the scale I noticed an aircraft heading towards us from the direction of Edinburgh with its landing lights on. Fortunately it turned towards the airport before it reached us.

The moth trap attracted larger flying creatures. The observant will notice that these are not moths (also, that ducks don’t do photo ‘red-eye’).


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