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Beware the Bungee

I whacked myself in the face with the end of a bungee cord the other day. I have always been wary of the things and take great care when I use them. I’m not talking here of the bungee cords crazy people tie around their ankles before they fling themselves off bridges, I mean the common or garden ones used (amongst many other things) to fix things to car roofs. Which was what I had done. And I’d done it properly, clipping the hook around the roof bars and back onto the cord, the same way I’ve done it hundreds of times. The cord was stretched as tight as it would go, and when I came to take it off I carefully and slowly (honest, Guv) unhooked one side. The hook at the other end came off and came at me so fast I didn’t even see it. I was lucky, it only split the skin on my chin, it could have been much worse. The frustrating thing is that I have no idea how it came off. The hook hadn’t bent, and must have slipped around the cord somehow. My son reminded me that years ago I warned him never to use bungees. In future I shall heed my own advice and stick to using ratchet straps.

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