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You might think that the Red Cross panto fiasco is enough corporate stupidity for one week. Not so. There is another. Have you heard about the ice-cream lady in Blackburn? It is here. To summarise, an electricity company installs the wrong meter. Ten years later it discovers its mistake and bills the user for £60,000. Yes, really! The company, E.ON (whatever that means – could it be Electricity Overcharging Numpties?) has agreed to reduce the charge to £30,000. Now why would they do that, unless they accepted that it was all their fault?

The company says it is ‘aiming to transform every aspect of energy’. Right. We get the message, guys. You make mistakes and we pay.

I’m about to start bulk-buying ice cream (chocolate) in case other energy suppliers become infected with E.ON’s money-making ideas.

Footnote: I’m not sure how a small ice cream company can use £60,000 worth of electricity in ten years. Are they sure they haven’t got Blackburn’s street lights connected to their meter?

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Red Cross Code

I see that a Christmas panto in Glasgow has violated the Geneva Convention by using a red cross on a nurse’s costume. I put a red cross on my household first aid box (red, because at the time I didn’t have any green tape – and anyway, red was okay for first aid box crosses when I was a boy so when did the world change, and why?). Does this mean I’m about to have a visit from the colour-of-cross police?

Lichfield Heritage Centre had better watch out, because if the Red Cross perseveres with this nonsense then the Lichfield mouse (see left) will soon be for the big mousetrap in the sky.

Why stop at pantos and mice? Why not have ago at all those ambulances* (not just in the UK, but worldwide) that dare to use the symbol? Or would that problem be harder to crack than the local kids pantomime?

Film producers be warned – if you are planning a documentary about the Crusades then you had better forget it, because the symbol is sacrosanct. The fact that it has been used elsewhere for hundreds of years apparently means nothing. Isn’t it simply the cross of St.George?

Oh – and if the Red Cross is looking for more red cross users to assail, why not have a go at this one – it’s BIG, because the red cross symbol is used on thousands of vehicles and letterheads. It is the City of London crest. Does it breach the Geneva Convention? Possibly…

I can understand why the Red Cross wants to protect the use of the symbol, but a panto? Has it lost its sense of proportion, doesn’t it have better things to do? Why does the word ‘jobsworth’ spring to mind? La-la land is alive and well. We are living there.

The Red Cross appears to have forgotten where its funding comes from, oh yes it has. Oh no it hasn’t… Oh yes it has…

The BBC report is here.

*military ambulances can use it

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