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Blair and Brown

Seriously, would you want them at your wedding?

(For another slant on the Royal Wedding see here)

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McGonagall (or not)

A great royal wedding most charming to see,
Will take place in London and fill hearts with glee;
The good folk of Britain will remember the day
When Mr Michael Middleton gives his daughter away.

Those with invitations dare not be late,
For the wedding of William to Catherine, who is ofttimes called Kate
There will be some in smart carriages, and others will hike,
And Mayor Boris from the Mansion House will come on his bike.

Number twenty Dean’s Yard is the address of the Abbey,
It will be decked out in splendour and will not look shabby;
Westminster Abbey is the place to be seen,
With the Prince of Wales, the Duke of Edinburgh and Her Majesty the Queen.

At the castle in Windsor they will polish the carriage,
That will transport the royal couple to be joined together in marriage,
Fine horses of the cavalry lead the way to hallowed ground,
Which could be gazed upon by Churchill if they turned him around.

The State occasion will be a spectacle to behold,
A great day in London when red carpets are unrolled;
Crowds will assemble for a marriage made in heaven,
On the twenty-ninth of April, two-thousand and eleven.

(Sincere apologies to William Topaz McGonagall)


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