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Beam me up, Scotty!

I overheard a man on a cellphone today: ‘I’m in Edinburgh at the moment…’. He was sitting outside a pub and looking as if he wasn’t going anywhere for a while. It struck me as an odd thing to say, as if in a moment or two he would be in Rome, then Buenos Aires, then maybe even Milton Keynes. Did he have a Tardis tucked away around the corner that he used only for short trips? Or perhaps it’s just me. Not content with scrutinising my own use of language I find myself scrutinising the language of others. I don’t want to get like that. I even enjoyed reading Eating Shoots and Leaves when it first came out. I also bought the CD to listen to in my car. Sad. Even sadder was that I agreed with almost everything Lynne Truss said. And I loved that quote about greengrocers and the Apostropher Royal….
Then, on the bus to the park and ride, I heard a child who had mixed up her locations and was staring out at green fields: ‘IKEA’s gone!’ she yelled. Then her mum, not disagreeing: ‘Yes, it’s blown away!’ In your dreams, lady. In your dreams…
Having said that, IKEA really is the place to buy the world’s most bizarre bulbs and light fittings. Also, it’s a company that took a simple concept – Hampton Court Maze – and applied it to retail shopping.

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