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Upon reflection…

I’ve been having problems with reflections in the screen of my laptop and I have, for a while, been trying to get a sheet of non-reflecting film to stick over it. I finally managed to find some on eBay. It was cheap, a thin plastic sheet sandwiched between two even thinner sheets of polythene. It came with fairly detailed instructions:

Reducing external light, regulating to the extent easy to be seen.
Peel off the mold release sheets on the protection films and attach the silicone films on the mold release sheets onto the screen. Please cut off power supply before you peel off mold release sheets, place the protection films on the screen and attach them with gentle press by using specific tools. It is recommended you use the horizontal attachment. After attachment to the screen, peel off the mold release sheets… please use the parts of the acute angle of the tools for surface ends… (more, lots more).

(There will be no prior notice of any changes in the specification of this product while it is necessary to be improved, so we beg your pardon in this connection).

I struggled for about 10 minutes before realising that if I completely ignored the instructions, fixing it was simple.

The product is excellent! My glare problem is cured!

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