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If you think you are hard done-by…

If you think you are hard done-by then spare a thought for the long-dead drivers and firemen of this narrow gauge engine. It was built in Kilmarnock in 1923 for Edinburgh* gasworks. It had no cab and a short funnel because it was designed to be driven beneath the coke retorts so that red-hot coke could be dumped into the hopper wagons it pulled. I’m guessing the drivers and firemen didn’t live to see old age. If the smoke from the engine’s chimney didn’t get them, the gases from the hot coke did. Click on pic for larger.

My camera worked overtime at the weekend, so more small engines soon…
For now, more here

*I have just been reliably informed (as they say) that engine ‘Jack’ worked at the Provan Gasworks in Glasgow, not at Granton in Edinburgh.

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