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Icelandic Saga

‘Penguins are at the zoo,’ the FYO said. ‘It’s where they come from.’ ‘They have some there,’ I told him, ‘but they come from a place at the bottom of the world where there is lots of ice and snow. It’s called the South Pole.’ (I thought Antarctica was a bit of a mouthful). ‘And polar bears.’ ‘Polar bears are at the North Pole. That’s at the top of the world. They have polar bears in other places too, countries called Canada and Greenland.’ ‘And in the zoo.’ ‘There’s a place called Iceland that has a lot of ice and snow, but I don’t think they have polar bears there.’ ‘I know. My other Granny has been there.’ ‘I didn’t know that. Did she go on a ship?’ ‘No, she went in her car with me. We bought a lot of food.’

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