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Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss

If, like me, you have been watching the Sherlock Holmes series on BBC One then you will know that Sherlock is dead. This is sheer writing genius. Not only have the writers set the stories in modern times, they have tweaked the original stories in what, to me, is an acceptable way. Okay, so the science is a bit iffy in places – but hey, this is fiction! If it wasn’t for the fact (if it is indeed a fact – though I suppose it must be because I read it in the Daily Mail) that the BBC has already commissioned a third series, I’d say there was a good chance that Sherlock, like Doyle’s original, is as dead as a doornail after jumping off that roof.

Reviews (I don’t usually read such things but these have been hard to miss) tend to concentrate on the actors and the acting, seldom on the writers. As I said, this is sheer writing genius – by the two men in the header to this blog post. Doctor Who writers, I believe.

I know, I must get out more…

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