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The discoverer of ‘Superglue’, Dr Harry Coover, has died in Tennessee aged 94. I say discovered rather than invented, because like so many other things (such as stainless steel and penicillin) it was stumbled upon while he was looking for something else, in this case plastic to make gun sights for the US military, in 1942. I wonder if he ever stuck all of his fingers together like I did once when a tube of the stuff burst in my hand? Probably. If you get it on your skin it sets hard before you can say the words methyl-2cyanoacrilate monomer.

Would you want to shake hands with the man who discovered superglue?

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Snow Patrol

Sorry to keep on about the cold and the snow, but the temperature has gone from -22ºC to + 6ºC and the snow is melting fast. They (whoever ‘they’ are, the Met Office I suppose) say we are to get a day or two’s respite before we are back to the freeze. I was tempted to say ‘back to the blizzards’, because it sounds better. But we are not back to the blizzards because, thankfully, there has been very little wind. Being told, in a thaw, that we are in for another Arctic event is rather like being in the trough of a massive wave on the Atlantic convoys, knowing you are in a state of calm but about to be hit by the biggest wave in history. Well, I’m sure you get my drift…

At the bottom of the garden I have a ‘power-barrow’. It is still under one foot of snow and slowly turning to rust. The last time I tried it the engine took an hour to start and then coughed and spluttered like someone on 30 a day. I know it sounds like ‘Power Rangers’, that kids’ thing, but buying a power barrow saved my life when I ordered 34 tons of soil (can you even IMAGINE some idiot ordering 34 tons of topsoil for his garden from his local council – and having them dump it in the wrong place, halfway down our road? Can you even imagine what a 34 ton heap of topsoil looks like? It came in two of those massive, high-sided motorway trucks). Shifting it took two days and almost killed me, even with the assistance of the now-redundant petrol powered wheelbarrow.

Recently I have been wondering if it is possible to turn my power barrow into a snowplough. Don’t laugh. Snowplough blades are available for ride-on mowers, but I don’t have a ride-on, I have more soil than grass. You can even buy (at great expense) push-along petrol-powered snowploughs. So is it possible to convert a power barrow into a snowplough? Time will tell. Trouble is, I can’t weld, and the thought of constructing a snowplough with superglue boggles the mind.

If I had the money to buy it, and the space to put it, and if it wouldn’t upset my neighbours (and my wife), and if I had the money for petrol to run it, I would buy one of these:

It is ex-government, and only £35,000.
It’s amazing what is available out there.
Perhaps I’ll put it on my Amazon wishlist.


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