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Started Early, Took My Dog

I think I have read all of Kate Atkinson’s books now, though there might well be another lurking somewhere out there, I need to check. I could never write like she does, I’d have so much going on in my brain that it would start to smoke.

I’ve said before that I find her stuff clever and complicated. I have no idea how she can hold so many bits of apparently unrelated stuff in her head and bring it all together at the end of her novels.

Because I need a change I’m now reading this>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
(pretentious, moi?)

But I am a geologist, and I was a policeman, so this shouldn’t surprise you. The book costs a bomb, it will set you back £160 – unless you get it like I did. I won the crossword in ‘Geoscientist‘. The prize was to choose any one of the Geological Society’s special publications. I chose this one.

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