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More of that logic

More from the FYO :
‘We’ve got one of those,’ he said, pointing, in a shop. ‘It makes things hot and cold.’
‘It’s called a fan heater.’
‘Yes, and it makes things hot and cold.’
‘I know it makes things hot,’ I said. ‘But how does it make things cold?’
‘It does when you turn it off.’

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Lesson for today…

The TYO (strictly no longer a three-year-old since his birthday but a FYO) asked me a question. ‘Papa, how do they make chocolate?’ (for Papa, see here and here). ‘They get beans called cocoa beans that grow in hot countries. They do things to them and make them into powder called cocoa. Then they mix the cocoa with milk and sugar and other things and make chocolate. Cocoa is brown, that’s why chocolate is brown… and chocolate cake, because they use cocoa to make it.’ ‘And bricks.‘ ‘No, they don’t make bricks with cocoa.’ ‘But they are brown.‘ ‘Trees are brown. Are trees made from cocoa?’ ‘Papa! that’s silly! Of course they’re not!

FYO exit stage left, laughing…


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