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Several people (four, actually) have pointed out to me that my frequency of blogging in the last couple of months has decreased to about one post a fortnight. I can only plead pressure of work.

Writing novels (my first… ((or maybe second…) or third or fourth or fifth) love) has taken a back seat, as has this blog. [Note the nested brackets. I did Maths. Next time I’ll just use commas].

So why is this? It’s because I have been creating a blog and Facebook page for The Whitmuir Project, also a Facebook page for the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society (RCHS), and also helping with the construction of their new web pages. And a shedload of other time-consuming things.

Guilt because I believe that once you set something up that (on a good day) 30 to 40 people look at, then you should keep it going. So don’t go away. In the meantime, have a look at the other blogs and facebook pages:
The Caley Blog;
The Caley Facebook page;
The Whitmuir Project blog;
The Whitmuir Project Facebook page

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