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Power to the People! or maybe not…

Ignacio Galán Esq.,
Chairman, Scottish Power UK plc
1 Atlantic Quay
G2 8SP

19 June 2012

Dear Sir,
A neighbour handed a document to me today (copy attached). She says she and a few of her neighbours were handed it by a young man, who, when questioned, had no more idea what it is about than she had. She brought a copy to me, because she wondered if it referred to our sewage treatment plant.

The threat says our stairlighting will be disconnected. We are an estate of around 20 detached houses and therefore we have no stairlighting. Indeed, we are single storey properies, and therefore we have no stairs. The threat says ‘Pumping Station, Halmyer Loan’ (spelt incorrectly).

My neighbour, and other residents handed this threat, spent hours telephoning Scottish Power in an attempt to work out what it is all about. Their efforts came to naught. The annotations on the copy are theirs, not mine. They were told that the non-payment refers to ‘Romanno Ltd’. There is, and as far as I am aware never has been (I have lived here for 8 years) an organisation of this name.

I have no intention of doing the same as them and spending hours on the phone in case I simply lose the will to live. However, I too tried the 0845 2700 700 number. The automated system asked me for account details. Of course, I cannot give this, because the Threat Letter contains no useful information whatsoever. It is, in fact, the most inane and inept document I have ever seen emanating from a corporate organisation of the size of Scottish Power. Or, for that matter, anywhere else.

If this document refers to one of the two sewage processing stations serving this estate, then disconnection will have very serious consequences, as your action will result in the pollution of the surrounding water courses and you will, presumably, be answerable to SEPA and Scottish Water.

If you are referring to a supply to one of these stations then please let me know, as I am sure the matter can be resolved very quickly. Surely you have a meter number? Or an account number? You are, after all, the supplier of the power.

Yours faithfully,

Richard Whittle
Chartered Engineer


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