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Out of the mouths of babes (2)

I have just heard that my granddaughter, who is eleven, came home from school the other day complaining about the cold. The TYO (though no longer a three year old but a FYO) called out from upstairs ‘Hello Papa!’ He was told it was not his papa (granddad) but his sister, to which he replied ‘I heard a grumpy voice downstairs so I thought it was my papa.’

I’m not grumpy, honest. Well, not much. I am consoling myself with the thought that he doesn’t quite understand what grumpy means and that he really meant ‘gruff’. I wish….

I might have to work on my voice. Grumpy, gruff or grumbly won’t do, so I might have to raise the pitch, perhaps to falsetto. How about this?

Or perhaps not.

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