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Today I was told that my blog contains adverts! I was gobsmacked. They don’t appear on the version I see and I certainly didn’t know they were there. Some, I am told, contain advertising logos and pictures. A quick check on the Internet showed me that other WordPress bloggers have the same problem and are similarly gobsmacked. Apparently I need an upgrade to stop this happening. To me this is rather like buying a car and finding its brakes don’t work, then being told that I need an upgrade to fix it. Not the best analogy, I know, but you get my point. I’m hoping the ads have gone now, because I have just paid out $30 for that privilege. An upgrade? Isn’t it odd how the world of computing has corrupted our language, not simply the words but their meanings. I have bought an upgrade to stop something happening. Seems ass-about-face somehow.

While I’m on about advertising, marketing and the like, I wonder how much firms like Unilever pay for design and marketing advice? I stopped off today to get my usual brand of washing machine liquid. Not only has it been discontinued, the replacement (upgrade?) product is in a narrower and taller plastic bottle than my usual one, and too tall to fit between the shelves in my cupboard. The solution, of course, was simple. I bought another brand.

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