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Kevin McCloud: HOME

I am writing this in my favourite bookshop, or to be more precise, in the café beneath it, enjoying a latte. I don’t intend to buy any books because I was in here a few days ago and spent more than I meant to. I stumbled upon, and bought (amongst several others), a large volume by Kevin McCloud, of ‘Grand Designs’ fame. The book’s full title is Kevin McCloud’s 43 Principles of Home, though to me it is more of a brain dump of everything Kevin can think of related to eco- and better living in the 21st Century. Amazingly I read it from cover to cover in two days, though it is probably best tackled by dipping into it at random. Kevin appears to practise what he preaches (awful cliché), both in his work and his home. Perhaps there is another reason I am drawn to the man and his ideas – he lives on the Mendips, a place I know (or used to know) well. Both above and below ground.

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