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Carbon Neutral? Sir, you jest…!

Today I followed a large diesel oil tanker. On the back it said ‘Carbon Neutral Delivery’. Is it just me, or has the world gone stark raving bonkers? Do these firms think we are idiots? I’m no ranting green activist (I hate the thought of covering the countryside with state-subsidised windmills that probably use more energy to plan, make, assemble and maintain than they will generate in their lifetime) but lunacy like this is unacceptable. It doesn’t matter how many trees you plant to so-say ‘offset’ carbon, or how much you use political mumbo-jumbo like ‘carbon neutral’ and ‘carbon trading’, it does not alter the fact that you are producing the stuff. Note that I am not going as far as to say it’s wrong to produce so much CO2. What I am saying is that it is wrong to use weasel-words as a substitute for action.

Rant over.


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