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Gardening Scotland

It’s that time of year again. Scotland’s answer to Chelsea opened today. I haven’t been to the Chelsea show for thirty years (thirty? Sir, you jest! Forty, more like…). All I remember about it is a massive tent, unbearable heat and wall-to-wall crowds. I understand that the tent has been replaced with a more suitable structure, but judging by what I saw on TV during last week, the tent has gone but the crowds and the heat are the same.

While I am on about TV, it seems that Chelsea has been renamed the M&G Show – blatant, unashamed advertising by the beeb. These massive shows have always been sponsored, but it was always done subtly, in a British way – not by Alan Titchmarsh opening every programme with “…brought to you by M&G”. When I first heard it I did a double-take, I thought I was watching ITV.
So, not good enough, guys. Someone deserves rapped knuckles. If my old primary school teacher was still around, she’d sort you out.

Meanwhile, North of the Border, we have had passable weather (so far). Perfect, in fact, for a garden show. The Meteorological Office (I love saying that, it sounds like I’m speaking with a mouthfull of marbles) predicts more of the same. Three days of sunny intervals.

My favourite local garden centre and nursery, Pentland Plants, assembled a magnificent floral display based on the Union Flag – very appropriate for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee weekend. Somehow they managed to get the best spot in the show, the first stand you see as you enter the main hall.

If you use Facebook you can get a much better, bird’s-eye view here. Note that they got a Silver Gilt.

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Pentland Plants: scary stuff

Toddler’s eye-view of rather large rabbit in the shop in Pentland Plants*. Reminds me of Wicker Man.

I spotted a rabbit in my garden recently, munching stuff in the veggie patch. This could be just what I need to scare it off.


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New Ski Slope?

This is Edinburgh’s new ski slope, a couple of miles away from the old one at Hillend.

It’s a shame the lorry is in the way because otherwise it would have looked more believable – though it looks more like a Himalayan peak than one of our rolling Pentland Hills. It is at Pentland Plants, built from the snow they shifted to clear their car park yesterday.

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