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The Man Who Played Trains – The first of the Spargo novels

I am relaunching THE MAN WHO PLAYED TRAINS, subtitled as The first of the Spargo novels

Why have I done this? Because my latest novel, shortly to be available on Amazon, is GROUND RULES, featuring Jez Spargo, the feisty forensic geologist from The Man Who Played Trains.

Feisty, because that’s what one reveiwer called her – I loved Jez, the author has created such a strong, intelligent and feisty character in her. Even her father is lost without her! Their bond is strong and it is the backbone of this gripping thriller – I could easily picture them in real life.”

I have to admit that this one comment led me to write GROUND RULES.

— OOO —

Two of the many 5- and 4-star reviews of The Man Who Played Trains:

‘GROUND RULES’ by Richard Whittle will be available on Amazon in September 2019


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Started Early, Took My Dog

I think I have read all of Kate Atkinson’s books now, though there might well be another lurking somewhere out there, I need to check. I could never write like she does, I’d have so much going on in my brain that it would start to smoke.

I’ve said before that I find her stuff clever and complicated. I have no idea how she can hold so many bits of apparently unrelated stuff in her head and bring it all together at the end of her novels.

Because I need a change I’m now reading this>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
(pretentious, moi?)

But I am a geologist, and I was a policeman, so this shouldn’t surprise you. The book costs a bomb, it will set you back £160 – unless you get it like I did. I won the crossword in ‘Geoscientist‘. The prize was to choose any one of the Geological Society’s special publications. I chose this one.

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